Supporting surgery with medical technology

Medela has a clear commitment to research and the advancement of clinical practice in order to help surgeons and physicians obtain successful outcomes and facilitate patient recovery with medical technology.
Medela Healthcare surgery

As the leading specialist in medical vacuum technology, Medela offers a range of pumps and accessories for suction during surgery and for fluid drainage after surgery. Medela develops innovative, safe and reliable products.


Chest drainage therapy

Patients undergoing surgery often require a long period of recovery. Clinicians are aware of the fact that correct post-operative patient care is therefore as important as the operation itself. Following cardiothoracic procedures, chest tubes are often inserted to evacuate air and drain fluids from the surgical site supporting physiological organ function.

Thopaz+ incorporating digital technology

With Thopaz+, Medela sets a new standard in chest drainage in terms of mobility, objective digital data and ease of use. The technology used in Thopaz+ provides real-time data trending and storage of key therapeutic indicators required for chest drainage management, including precise and objective data on air leak, fluid volume and intrapleural pressure. This means that the clinician can take a data and facts based decision on when to remove the chest drainage tube. Clinical data demonstrates that Thopaz+ streamlines post-operative patient care leading to improved outcomes and quicker patient mobility; the patient is ready to leave hospital sooner resulting in a reduction of hospital costs. Ref. 5,6,7,10.

Surgical suction

Procedures requiring surgical suction range from planned interventions such as general surgery, gastric surgery, thoracic surgery, caesareans and vacuum delivery to cardiac surgery. Furthermore, it is often required for endoscopy and accident and emergency surgery procedures. Given the range of applications, the surgeon needs highly versatile, reliable and safe pumps that are easy to use. Medela has a range of suction pumps geared to meeting the requirements for surgical suction.

Devices providing high vacuums and variable flow options

Medela produces surgical suction pumps that offer high vacuums. The Dominant Flex pump provides the highest vacuum (95kPa) with three flow rates (60l/min, 50l/min and 40l/min), offering full flexibility for a multitude of applications. The Basic pump offers a high vacuum (90kPa) at a flow rate of 30l/min.

Fluid collection

Every Medela suction pump can be equipped with its own fluid collection jar and the appropriate tubing, connectors and filters.

Hygienic and cost-effective fluid collection solutions

For Thopaz+ three sizes of disposable canisters are available: 300ml, 800ml and 2l. The canister size can be selected based on the expected drainage volume, while the press & shake technologyTM allows for hygienic and cost-effective canister disposal.

For Dominant Flex, Basic and Vario 18 c/i, Medela offers a choice of disposable or reusable collection systems in various sizes, with the corresponding ancillary equipment (tubing and filters) to contain the fluid collected from surgical suctioning.


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