Benefits of Thopaz+

The digital technology used in Thopaz+ allows medical staff to monitor patients and record key therapeutic indicators such as air leak, fluid drainage and intrapleural pressure. Real-time recording of objective data allows the medical team to streamline care delivery and improve patient outcomes.

  • Electronically measure and record all key parameters used in chest drainage management
  • Select optimal level of patient chest pressure
  • Ease of use streamlines surgical care for doctors and provide convenience for nurses and hospital staff
  • Improves patient satisfaction and comfort by providing full mobility with quiet pump operation
  • Reduces patient length of stay in hospital and helps to control costs
Medela Thopaz plus objective data basic

Early decision making using objective real-time data.

Medela Thopaz plus trouble shooting

Greater convenience for doctors and nursing staff alike due to regulated pressure and early warning of potential backflow.

Medela Thopaz Plus hygienic use

Compact, hygienic and easy-to-clean system offering intuitive operation and handling

Medela Thopaz Plus for patient mobility

Lightweight design and rechargeable batteries enhance patient satisfaction allowing full mobility.

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