Vario 18 Multi-Purpose, Portable Suction Pump

Vario 18 System Overview

Versions Vario 18

Medela Vario 18 airway suction pump versions overview

Quiet, reliable performance

The low noise level of this suction pump keeps staff focused on the task at hand wherever suctioning takes place. Stressful situations require an easy setup and handling – both needs are met with the Vario 18 pump.

Variable vacuum levels make Vario 18 indispensable in hospitals – simply adjust the vacuum by pushing down the button and turning it. Not only are settings precise, but the safety push-button also prevents accidental re-adjustment.

The battery versions can be used for portability, patient transport or in areas with no power sockets.

Hospitals already using a Medela fluid collection system do not need to purchase a new set – the Vario 18 can be equipped with either the Reusable (RCS) or Disposable Collection System (DCS).

Medela airway suction Vario 18 in use

Benefits of Vario 18

Vario 18 is a quiet and reliable portable suction pump. It is easy to use, robust and safe and quiet in performance.

  • Swiss technology offers precision of vacuum level settings and reliability of performance.
  • The quiet QuatroFlex drive unit delivers superior power and durability.

  • Portable and versatile thanks to a compact design and battery-powered option.

  • Hygienically designed pump and collection systems allow for efficient routine cleaning.

  • Intuitive handling and safety features require little instructions.
Medela Vario 18 setting vacuum

The membrane vacuum regulator of the Vario 18 allows for precise vacuum settings. The regulator needs to be pressed down to change the vacuum, which prevents inadvertent setting changes.

Medela Vario 18 accessories reusable set 1l

Vario 18 offers easy, intuitive handling with a variety of compatible accessories.

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