Pediatrics and obstetric solutions

Medela utilises its knowledge and technology to develop a range of products for maternity units to support childbirth. We care about making obstetric interventions as efficient and safe as possible. Medela’s goal in pediatrics is to support the health of infants and children of all ages by providing high-quality, easy-to-use products. The specifications and operating parameters for all Medela pediatric devices take into account the delicate nature of this special patient group.
Medela Healthcare pediatrics

Vacuum assisted delivery (VAD)

Normal childbirth is a three-stage process commencing with dilation of the cervix, followed by the actual birth of the baby and finally ending with the expulsion of the placenta. Vacuum-assisted delivery is used to aid birth when labour has become prolonged and the mother is experiencing extreme stress and difficulties. Theis VAD procedure is an alternative to a forceps delivery.

Smooth and gentle delivery with the Medela VAD solution

Medela offers an individualized vacuum assisted delivery solution with active vacuum, designed for efficient and safe application with a large choice of single-use or reusable suction cups and various complementing accessories.  

The Medela VAD system consist of the Medela surgical suction pump "Basic" and a large choice of single-use and reusable suction cups and various complementing accessories. The Medela Basic suction pump offers rapid vacuum build-up. It reliably maintains the vacuum, keeping the suction cups in place. The goal is to support the mother and ensure that delivery of the baby can take place in a gentle and controlled manner.

Airway suction

Airway suctioning is used to clear secretions that build up in the respiratory tract. The insertion of a tracheostomy tube is a common situation that can lead to increased production of mucus and a decreased ability of the patient to clear this mucus by normal means, such as coughing. Airway suctioning restores proper air flow by removing excess mucus that can stop air from passing through the tracheostomy tube.

Medela understands that the needs of young patients are different to those of adults and has therefore developed an airway suction pump specifically suited to young children. The key features of these pumps are low-noise operation and guaranteed hygiene, coupled with safety features such as a special safety chamber and overflow protection to eliminate pump contamination.

Clario Toni: airway suction for children

The Medela Clario Toni suction pump, which operates at moderate vacuum levels, has been developed especially for infants and children requiring airway suctioning. Its threefold hygienic design prevents secretions from entering the pump. The Clario Toni is lightweight, so it is portable and can be taken everywhere, and the three pre-set vacuum levels allow for easy operation.