Medical technology

Maintenance technicians and nursing staff have to make sure that medical technology is working properly, so that clinicians can concentrate on patients and procedures. Medela devices have been designed for easy operation and some are equipped with features such as acoustic and visual signals that sound when there is any deviation from normal operation or recommended settings.
Medela Healthcare biomed

Comprehensive training on medical technology products

The Medela University is a comprehensive training platform that explains how to safely use Medela products for various areas of application, each providing very detailed background information, training videos and teaching support. To underpin this training, a series of ‘quick cards’ is also available, outlining the key operational steps for every piece of Medela equipment. These cards provide a handy instructions-for-use summary for users who are familiar with the device but do not necessarily use it on a regular basis.

Medela also offers extensive technical support via local affiliates and  customer service teams that deal with servicing, medical device maintenance and safety checks, complaints handling and the development of personalised training programmes.

Vacuum pumps for all applications

There is a Medela pump available for every situation where key parameters such as suction strength, fluid flow rate and stationary versus portable use need to be considered. The main areas in which Medela pumps are used include drainage, surgical suction and airway suction. A wide range of accessories are also available to allow for complete system customisation.

Medical suction devices – reproducible performance

The modular design of Medela equipment allows for easy maintenance and system assembly. The drive unit (pump) is the basis of all Medela devices and current models are the result of more than 50 years of experience in medical vacuum technology.