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Medela Clario Toni airway suction pump versions overview

Quick relief for quiet tracheostomy suctioning

Airway suctioning is a common, yet risky procedure that improves ventilation and oxygenation, allowing for easier breathing. Too much suctioning or suctioning at higher pressures can cause trauma, hypoxemia and atelectasis.

Clario Toni's preset vacuum levels simplify the complexity of airway suctioning by providing just the right level of day-to-day care for neonates, infants and children (particularly with a tracheostomy) . With the preset -60 and -100mmHg vacuum levels, this new pediatric suction pump conforms to the highest international standards and meets global clinical respiratory guidelines recommended for airway suction on children (see Footnote).

Medela Clario Toni for pediatric patients

Benefits of Clario Toni

Clario Toni offers three preset vacuum values for flexible, appropriate suction and the right care for tracheostomy patients.

Clario Toni operates quietly, has a discreet shape and comes with an appealing optional carrying bag.

  • Clario Toni makes it easy to set precise and repeatable low vacuum levels for neonates and children
  • Clario Toni's compact, lightweight design offers freedom and mobility for the user, thus improving their quality of life
  • Clario Toni's non-medical design and silent function protect the user from embarrassment and unwanted attention
Medela Clario Toni vacuum setting

Clario Toni offers three preset vacuum suction settings based on the clinical guidelines for airway suctioning. Setting low vacuum levels for neonates or children is now a lot simpler. Clario Toni is made up of just three components, all of which can be clicked together in an instant.

Medela Clario Toni removing canister

Clario Toni offers more freedom for the user. This medical suction pump weighs only 2kg and features a rechargeable battery that allows for more than 50 minutes of suction time.

Medela Clario Toni transport bag

The user can take the Clario Toni with them wherever they go. It can be carried in its designer carrying bag. Even if the pump is removed, its non-medical, discreet design and surprisingly low noise level protect the user from embarrassment and unwanted attention.

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Meets American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) guidelines for airway suctioning; meets Clinical Guidelines for airway suctioning from Great Ormond Street Hospital, UK; meets requirements for upper airway suctioning in Sweden – promoted in The Handbook for Healthcare. - See more at: