Benefits of Basic Vacuum Assisted Delivery (VAD) System

Setup of the system is easy, since the compatible components fit together securely.

The active vacuum of the Basic Suction Pump ensures firm attachment of the suction cup to the baby’s head. This helps to avoid accidental cup detachment.

  • It is reassuring for the obstetrician to know that the active vacuum can reduce inadvertent pop-offs.
  • Thanks to Medela's extensive range of rigid and soft suction cups (disposable or reusable) the right cup for each individual situation is always available.
  • Quick setup thanks to compatible parts.
Medela adjusting vacuum level

When gentle assistance is required in the second stage of the birth process, a system that produces a gentle yet rapid vacuum build-up is necessary. The membrane vacuum regulator of the Basic Suction Pump can be set to the precise level required and ensures that the vacuum is built up in seconds.

Medela Basic piston technology

The Basic Suction Pump's active vacuum keeps the suction cup in place during the procedure. With its silent piston/cylinder technology the vacuum that has been set is maintained during the procedure. This active vacuum may prevent pop-offs that can lead to a delay in the procedure or to an alternative means of delivery.

Medela Basic and Dominant Flex accessories foot vacuum controller

The optional foot vacuum regulator is ideal to gently increase the vacuum to the level set on the Basic Suction Pump without needing to turn the vacuum regulator knob. Simply press down with the heel to release the vacuum immediately when the baby is born.

Medela Basic vacuum assisted delivery reusable silicone cup

In order to reduce trauma to the fetal head, it is important to choose the correct suction cup type and size. Medela offers a wide range of suction cups especially developed for the various positions of the foetal head.

Medela vacuum assisted delivery caes aid cup

Vacuum assistance during caesarean sections has been practised for several decades. Medela has a perfectly adapted soft cup for this: the CaesAid Cup. The advantage of using a soft cup for caesareans is that it may allow for a smaller incision with less blood loss, and consequently faster healing.