Benefits of Invia Motion 15 Days/ 60 Days

Single-patient-use convenience

Reusable pump performance

  • No need to clean and sterilise device between patients
  • No risk of cross-contamination associated with reusable devices
  • Compact design for comfort and mobility
  • Reliable negative pressure delivery and control at the wound site (1)
  • Intelligent blockage detection (1) from NPWT pump to dressing
  • Canister based system for efficient exudate management

The Quick-connector interface provides easy and secure attachment (2) between the dressing tubing and the canister tubing.

Medela NPWT dressings fitpad

Compatibility with Invia Foam and Gauze dressing kit. Interface from the Invia Motion pump to the wound dressing with the FitPad.

Medela Invia Motion carrying bag

The Invia Motion 15 Days/ 60 Days comes with a discrete carrying case and battery autonomy of up to 10 hours to promote mobility of the patient. 


(1) Performance data on file at Medela AG

(2) Usability validation data on file at Medela AG