Danielle Prime

Research Associate Breastfeeding, Medela AG, Switzerland

Danielle Prime, Research Associate Breastfeeding, Medela AG Switzerland

Australian Danielle Prime came to Switzerland to broaden her horizons – both personally and professionally.

Danielle graduated from the University of Western Australia with a PhD in 2010. For her thesis, she investigated breast milk removal during breast pumping, which hormones play a role in milk flow and how mothers, nurses and doctors can be better informed about breastfeeding. Back then she was already helping Medela with her research findings.

In the last three years, Danielle has settled in well at the company offices in Switzerland. Her job in the breastfeeding research team provides her with plenty of new opportunities. "At Medela I promote knowledge transfer between research, product development and marketing," explains Danielle. She is involved throughout the process, from development to sales. This exciting job at the intersection of science and industry suits her much better than the backrooms of research. "Here I see research being applied directly. I can implement our knowledge at the levels of product development and communication to help mothers and their babies," she says.


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