Benefits of Vario 18 c/i

The Vario 18 c/i surgical suction pump is powered by the well-proven QuatroFlex™ system, a patented piston/cylinder drive unit. This ensures that the device operates reliably and silently.

Vario 18 c/i allows the suction pressures for delicate operations to be precisely set and maintained.

The use of one single device for constant and intermittent suctioning reduces training time.

  • Reduced training costs
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • 30 minutes of mains-independent operation: ideal for patient transfers
  • No need to purchase new collection systems: use it with the same jars/liners as the Medela hospital pumps Dominant Flex and Basic.
Medela Vario 18 c/i setting vacuum

The Vario 18 c/i can be used in either a constant or intermittent mode, offering customers a versatile pump for a range of applications.


The membrane vacuum regulator allows for variable and precise vacuum settings. Its design ensures that the vacuum settings cannot be changed inadvertently.

Medela Vario 18 c/i change liner

The Vario 18 c/i features a built-in battery charger that allows for mains-independent mobile use for 30 minutes. Acoustic and visible alarms notify the user when the battery needs recharging.


Vario 18 c/i offers easy, intuitive handling. All accessories are designed to complement it and prevent false connections.