Invia Gauze Dressing Kit with FitPad suction interface

Medela NPWT dressings Invia Foam Fitpad

Conveniently packaged kits with individual sterilised components.

Each gauze kit contains:

  • Gauze: pad or roll
  • FitPad suction interface with Quick-connector
  • Transparent film (one or two pieces depending on the kit size)
  • Saline (one or two vials depending on the kit size)

Invia Gauze Dressing Kits available in two sizes: Medium and Large.

Invia White Foam NPWT

Medela NPWT dressings Invia white foam

Invia White Foam is open-cell polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) foam with hydrophilic properties and effectively absorbent to ensure reliable removal of wound exudate.*

The Invia White Foam is available in two sizes:

  • 10 x 7.5 x 0.9 cm
  • 15 x 10 x 0.9 cm

Products are sterilised by gamma irradiation.

Medela NPWT Y-Connector


  • Allows treatment of two wound sites on the same patient with a single device.
Medela NPWT Invia film

Transparent film (single sterile item)

  • The intuitive markings of the transparent film simplify the application technique.
  • The transparent film size is 26cm x 32cm.
Medela NPWT dressings fitpad

Invia FitPad suction interface (single sterile item)

  • The low profile design and flexible wings of the Invia FitPad permits appropriate placement in difficult anatomic locations.
  • The quick-connecting interface between the dressing tubing and canister tubing provides an easy and secure attachment (2).
Medela NPWT dressing Silverlon with packaging

Invia Silverlon NPWT Antimicrobial Wound Contact Dressing

  • Provides a barrier to bacterial penetration using silver ions activated by moisture delivered in the dressing which can help reduce infection.
  • Invia Silverlon NPWT Dressing is available in two sizes:
    • 4” x 5” (10 x 12 cm)
    • 5” x 8” (12 x 20 cm)

1) Performance data on file at Medela AG

2) Usability validation data on file at Medela AG

*Refer to the Invia White Foam NPWT instructions for Use for details regarding indications and contra-indications.