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Your physician has prescribed you Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, this therapy creates conditions to promote wound healing. Your healthcare professional will apply a wound dressing that is attached to a suction pump. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy works by preparing the wound bed for closure and by removing fluid and infectious material from the wound to a collection canister.Negative pressure wound therapy will be applied 24 hours a day. Your healthcare professional will instruct you on the correct use of the pump and will change the dressing regularly.

Medela Invia Motion support patient turn on pump
Medela Invia Motion support charge battery1

1. Open the Direct Current (DC) socket by pulling the small protective cover open.

2. Connect the small end of the power supply into the Invia Motion NPWT pump.

3. Plug the large end of the power supply into a wall outlet. The moving bars on the battery display will indicate that charging is occurring.

The battery will be fully charged after approximately 4 hours. Once charged, the symbol will appear constantly on the display. After charging is completed, unplug the power supply from the wall and disconnect the Invia Motion NPWT pump from the power supply. Close the Direct Current (DC) socket by pressing the small protective cover over the opening. When the battery is fully charged, it should last approximately 10 hours. If the Invia Motion NPWT pump is running continuously due to an air leakage, the battery may need to be recharged earlier (after approximately 4 hours).

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