Accessories and Disposables for Thopaz and Thopaz+

Accessories and Disposables for Thopaz and Thopaz+

Our Thopaz and Thopaz+ accessories and disposables are designed for ease of use allowing patient mobility, and reducing the workload on medical professionals and healthcare staff.

Thopaz/ Thopaz+ Disposables

Disposable Canisters

Medela Thopaz canister 300 ml
  • Available in 300ml, 800ml and 2-litre capacities to optimise drainage procedure and reduce the amount of biohazardous waste.
  • All three sizes are available with or without solidifier, providing a hygienic and cost-effective option for disposing of patient fluid disposal.


Medela Thopaz tubing with single connector
  • The dual-lumen tubing provides continuous pressure monitoring close to the patient’s chest to provide early warning of potential harmful situations.
  • Two types of connectors are available (single or double) in small, medium or large sizes to match chest tube being used.
  • All Thopaz/Thopaz+ tubing connectors contain a port for convenient sampling of drainage fluid.

Thopaz/ Thopaz+ Accessories

Docking Station

Medela Thopaz docking station side view
  • The docking station for Thopaz / Thopaz+ generally requires one-time set up, allowing the device to be recharged without the need to handle cables and an external power adapter.

Adapter Docking Station for Canister 2 Litre

Medela Thopaz plus docking station
  • To secure the 2l canister in place.

Holder with Standard Rail

Medela Thopaz holder standard rail
  • For the easy attachment of Thopaz / Thopaz+ to rails, beds or IV poles. Can be fixed vertically or horizontally.

Universal Holder with Flexible Standard Rail

Medela Thopaz universal holder flex
  • For the easy attachment of Thopaz / Thopaz+ to rails, beds or IV poles.Infinitely variable adjustment of rail inclination (360°).

Carrying strap

Medela Thopaz and Thopaz plus carrying straps
  • The carrying strap for Thopaz / Thopaz+ offers the patient convenience, comfort and full mobility.