Thopaz™ shortens chest tube duration and length of stay by one full day

Medela Healthcare today announces research results that prove patients managed with digital drainage system Thopaz™ had a significantly shorter air leak duration, chest tube duration and postoperative length of stay compared to those managed with traditional devices. Results from a recent global study that included 400 patients, revealed improved ability to arise from bed, system convenience for patients and personnel and, most significantly, a one day reduction in hospital stay.

Presenting the findings for the first time at the Society of Thoracic Surgeons 50th Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, Professor Frank Detterbeck, MD Chief of Thoracic Surgery Yale School of Medicine stated, “This randomized trial demonstrates a statistically significant reduction in hospital stay by one whole day by using the Thopaz digital chest drainage system.” 

The aim of this significant study was to assess the impact of digital chest drainage devices that have objective data  versus traditional drainage devices on duration of air leak, chest tube removal and hospital stay after lobectomy/segmentectomy. The multicenter global study was performed at 4 international centers in the USA (New Haven), Europe (UK & Italy) and Asia (Hong Kong).

As the first multicenter study of the Medela digital chest drainage system Thopaz™, the results data shows there to be is global consistency between the different centers. Joint lead author, Dr. Alessandro Brunelli, of Ospedali Riuniti, of Ancona Italy, Secretary General at European Society of Thoracic Surgeons said of the study 'the analysis revealed consistent findings between the different participating centres. This represents interesting and novel information proving the ubiquitous efficacy of Thopaz™.'

Inez Cregan PhD, Medela Cardiothoracic Research Manager observes that 'these findings have confirmed previous investigations performed in single centers, that Thopaz™ is consistently improving patient care. Such studies reinforce Medela's commitment to research and an evidence-based approach.'

Also presenting his findings in using Thopaz, at this same congress, John C. Wain, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Director, Lung Transplant Program, Massachusetts General Hospital presented his findings of a separate independent study, where he showed that 'we have been able to eliminate 2 x-rays per patient when on Thopaz™, subsequently reducing the total cost per patient in doing so.' 

With over 50 years of leadership in medical vacuum technology, Medela has proven success in developing innovative and award winning products that deliver Swiss engineering quality and reliability. Medela has 18 subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia, distributes its products in over 100 countries.

Thopaz™ by Medela optimizes patient care through pioneering and intelligent, mobile digital chest drainage therapy.


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