Mike Lauletta

Regional Sales Manager Healthcare, Medela USA

As a regional sales manager, Mike Lauletta spends a lot of time on the road for the Healthcare division of Medela USA. And when he is off work, he enjoys getting behind the wheel too – especially to take his family to the beach.

Mike and Jennifer Lauletta had their first baby seven years ago. Jennifer had been using Medela products when an opportunity came up for Mike to join the company. It was Medela's innovative healthcare products that won him over at the time. “I was in my interview for that job and it was like I was catching a glimpse of the future, ” Mike recalls. Since the job description was just perfect, too, he accepted Medela’s offer without hesitation.

Mike went on to set up a successful distribution system for the Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) solutions in the northeast of the United States, and he played a leading role in making Medela's Thopaz product the number-one digital thoracic drainage system in the US market today. He succeeded in convincing leading hospitals that Medela's products were just what they needed. “I spent a lot of time with the clinical staff at these hospitals to show them the advantages Thopaz offers,” he explains.

His travel schedule can be tough on his family, he adds. “But, you know, it is part of my job.” His free time is strictly family time, however. Whenever they can, Mike and Jennifer and their son Gray and daughter Marleigh pile in the car and head for the beach. It is less than a two-hour drive from their home in Broomall, Pennsylvania. “It’s perfect for recharging our batteries!”

Mike has recently been promoted to Regional Sales Manager. His (new) role involves leading a team that covers both the hospital and rehabilitation market segments. Mike is excited about this challenge. “Leading my team to success and achieving goals together – that's even more fun than succeeding on my own.”


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