Reinhilde Lo Cascio

Receptionist, Medela AG, Switzerland

Emotional goodbyes are something that Reinhilde Lo Cascio has already seen plenty of in her 40 eventful years at Medela. In just a few months she will also be saying ‘ciao’ – she is soon due to retire from her fulfilling career at this company.

Reinhilde Lo Cascio lives just down the road from Medela’s headquarters in Baar. As the local proverb goes, "Fall over three times and you are there." Reinhilde, known to most people as ‘Reini’, does not walk to work, though. She always rides her bike, regardless of the weather. “I enjoy the daily ride to and from work on my bike. I will not let bad weather spoil that for me.”

Reini is well known at Medela. That is partly because she works on the reception desk. As well as doing her main job – supporting the Swiss market – she answers lots of calls each day. Just about everyone knows her. And in turn, there is hardly anyone who knows Medela as intimately as she does. She has lived through four-fifths of the company’s history as an employee. This makes her the person with the longest service record.

The company was just 10 years old when Reini started her job in 1971. She was 20 and had just returned from a stay in England when she started as Olle Larsson’s secretary. After another period abroad – this time to learn French – she came back to Switzerland in 1973 with an even better profile. She then joined the sales team. “When I started a family, I was lucky to be able to move into a flat in the company’s building. My commute was as short as it got in those days,” she laughs. She found Medela to be a good employer and she has the anecdotes to prove it: “I decided to give up my job in 2002 to get more involved in activities at my church, but I was in tears when it was time to leave. Not long after that, Ms Schreiber (then the CEO) offered me the opportunity to ‘make a comeback’ and return to Medela.” This long-time employee with her record-breaking service record just could not stay away from Medela – and that is the way it will stay until she officially retires. Even then, she will be happy to come back and help her colleagues whenever they need her.


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