Calmita feeding solution

Calmita is designed to support neonatal oral feeding development. It is an innovative research-based hospital feeding solution that allows preterm and term infants to practise and apply their individual and natural sucking behaviour. “By allowing infants to apply a natural feeding behaviour, Calmita not only supports, protects and therefore increases breastfeeding in the hospital, but also helps to reduce length of stay,” states Prof. Karen Simmer.

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Research-based hospital feeding solution

Research from the King Edward Memorial Hospital and the University of Western Australia has enabled the development of a truly unique hospital feeding solution to help premature and weak infants learn to breastfeed.

The integrated vacuum-controlled valve allows the baby to decide when to drink and when to pause. Milk only flows when the baby reaches a certain vacuum threshold level. Newborns create their own sucking rhythm, thereby efficiently removing just the right amount of milk at a pace that is right for them.

Baby feeded with Medela Calmita feeder

Benefits of Calmita

Calmita’s vacuum-controlled valve allows natural feeding behaviour, putting the neonate in control of the milk flow.

In many NICUs, successful and complete oral feeding is considered one of the key discharge criteria. Using Calmita significantly reduces the length of stay by allowing hospitalised preterm infants to meet the discharge criteria earlier.

Calmita is available in two versions in which the threshold levels of the vacuum-controlled valve are different: Calmita Starter (white, low threshold level) and Calmita Advanced (yellow, moderate threshold level).

Calmita is a disposable product with no need for cleaning prior to the first use. It is delivered individually packaged in a Ready-to-Use or sterile condition.

Recent research with hospitalised preterm infants feeding from Calmita, rather than a conventional teat, has shown the following benefits:

  • Earlier discharge home (Simmer, K., et al. in press)
  • Natural feeding behaviour (Geddes, D.T., et al. ISRHML Conference (2012)
  • Increased breastfeeding in the hospital (Simmer, K., et al. in press)
  • Supports and protects breastfeeding
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