Disposable Pump Sets

The disposable pump sets can be used straight out of the packaging, without requiring cleaning prior to first use. The pump sets include everything that is needed for expressing breast milk with a professional Medela breast pump (Symphony or Lactina) and can be used with any Medela breast milk bottle.

For excellent pumping results, use Medela breast pumps together with Medela pump sets. The breast pump systems Symphony and Lactina are ideal for long-term and frequent pumping needs. The Symphony sterile single-use or the Symphony Ready-to-Use One-Day Pump Sets are to be used with the Symphony pump. The Symphony/Lactina sterile single-use Pump Sets or the Symphony/Lactina Ready-to-use One-Day Pump Sets can be used with either the Symphony or the Lactina pump.

The disposable pump sets are designed to be used by a single user. To express more milk in less time, two pump sets for double pumping can be used. Medela offers the single-use Pump Sets and the Ready-to-Use One-Day Pumps Sets in three different breast shield sizes for a correct fit to optimise pumping results.

Medela disposable pump set in package

Sterile single-use Pump Sets

The convenient, EO-sterilised single-use Pump Sets are made for single use.

Ready-to-Use One-Day Pump Sets

The disposable Ready-to-Use One-Day Pump Sets can be used for up to eight pumping sessions within 24 hours.

Benefits of disposable pump sets for hospital use

To satisfy mums’ individual needs, Medela offers pump sets with different breast shield sizes: M, L or XL.

All parts of the pump set that come into contact with breast milk are BPA and phthalate free.

Double pumping is facilitated by simply using two pump sets.

  • Can be cleaned by the mums themselves
  • Saves time and is cost-effective
  • Can be used with any Medela breast milk bottle
  • Using a breast shield of the correct size supports an optimal pumping result
  • Provides more milk in less time thanks to double pumping
  • Meets mums’ individual needs
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