Lactation and OMM data collection tool – NICU QI Tools

Collecting appropriate data in a simple and standardised way helps create a clearer picture of how many NICU infants are receiving own mother’s milk (OMM) in the volumes they need during critical periods. Analysis of these data will reflect the level of lactation care.

Cake chart in data collection tool of own mothers milk

Medela NICU lactation quality improvement data collection tool

The data collection tool is a web-based application designed to simplify and standardise the collection and analysis of data related to Medela's NICU lactation Quality Improvement initiative.

Medela has created a freely available, simple, effective tool to help:

  • Collect data on lactation supporting practices and infant feeding with their own mother’s milk (OMM)
  • Analyse practices to determine effective interventions and areas for improvement
  • Generate reports that measure:
    • The proportion of mothers whose milk ‘comes in’ within 72 h
    • The average daily maternal milk volumes on day 14
    • The proportion of infants who are fed with 100% OMM during the first 14 days of life
    • The proportion of infants who receive more than 50 ml/kg/day of OMM during the first 14 days of life

To start collecting data visit data collection tool.


  • Differentiated reports provide analytics for specific demographics e.g. gestation, birth weight, delivery method
  • Secure and compliant – Whilst available online, the system functions entirely offline and stores data locally (there is no interaction with external systems).

The tool has the following broad elements:

  • user registration
  • patient registration
  • data for:
    • expression
    • breast-feeding supportive practices
    • infant feeding
    • breastfeeding rates
  • multi-patient summary creator
Choices in data collection tool