NICU lactation quality improvement tools

NICU baby being cared for in the and connected to life saving tools.

Understanding the tool kit

Medela is well-known for supporting extensive applied and clinical research to create evidence-based, high-quality products. We do this to support frontline healthcare professionals, in their daily task to promote, protect and support lactation care and infant feeding in NICU and maternity services. Through advancing research, observing natural behaviour, and listening to our customers, we turn SCIENCE into CARE nurturing health for generations.

That is why we have developed this free NICU Quality Improvement (QI) toolkit, as an extension of our commitment to healthcare professionals, mothers and babies around the world.We want to support healthcare professionals in every way possible by:

  • Presenting a step-by-step process to implement QI and practice changes
  • Providing expert evidence-based best practices and knowledge
  • Enabling support for mothers to achieve their goal of effective initiation to build and maintain milk supply and to deliver high dose, long exposure of own mother’s milk (OMM) to their vulnerable infants